Earth and Space - Earth in space - Sun, Moon & Stars - G6


ISE 5-14 Curriculum Support Materials                                                           Overview advice

Group 6 exemplar Earth & Space  - Sun, Moon & Stars (Word)

Engineering INTERACT - Excellent module called Earth - forms part of a Flash investigation called Astro adventure - see also module questions and Space spin-offs (Make sure your speakers are ON!)

Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive - NASA

Ginn Reception - Weather (P 31-35)
Ginn Year 2 - Keeping dry (P 102-105), Wind (P 106-110)
Ginn Year 1
"Weather forecast information book" (Pupil book)
Cats’ Eyes  BBC2  Weather/Seasons
Stage One Science C4
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, All Year Round
4 Seasons Project - Signs of the Seasons

Worksheets  B1a (GB1b (G)  B1c (GB1d (G) B1e (GB1f (G)  B1g (GB1h (G)
Dumfries and Galloway -
BP Contexts Box ‘Crumples go camping’:  
Clothes design process - Technology

Autumn leaves mime and movement (Drama) - Expressive Arts

Day and night - VTC - ICT investigation possibility

Social subjects - People and place - The physical environment: weather & climate - Describe main weather elements and some effects on people’s everyday lives (PPL-B2.1)