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TSEC Strategies for Teachers of 5-14 Science -
Improving Science Education CPD through Practical Activities
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  Investigation - Powerpoint -0 393KIntroduction


  mp3 - Developing Skills - Introduction - 310K Introduction
Investigation - Powerpoint - 393KPreparing for Task Video - Preparing for Task (Levels A-F) - 4.68Mb mp3 - Preparing for Task (level A) - 1.24Mb mp3 - Preparing for Task (level B) - 4Mb mp3 - Preparing for Task (level C) - 2.12Mb  mp3 - Preparing for Task (level D) - 718Kmp3 - Preparing for Task (level E) - 1.63Mb Preparing for Task
KWL Grid
Table & links

Life Cycles KWL
Investigation - Powerpoint - 393KCarrying out Task Video - Carrying out Task - 1.64Mb mp3 - Carrying out Task - 1.29Mb Carrying out Task

Table & links

Investigation - Powerpoint - 150KReviewing and Reporting mp3 - Reviewing & Reporting - 6.5Mb Reviewing and Reporting

Table & links

Investigation - Powerpoint - 35KUsing ICT     mp3 - Using ICT - Introduction - 247K Using ICT
  Digital Microscope Video - Digital Microscope - 253K Handout
Digital Microscope
  Data Logger Video - Data Logger - LogIT - 202K mp3 - Data logger - LogIT - 641K Handout
Data Logger
  Interactive Whiteboard Video - Interactive Whiteboard - 556K mp3 - Interactive Whiteboard - 1.56Mb Interactive White Board

ICT - Technology and learning (Learning about Learning website) - The role of technology in learning. It reviews a range of new technologies and the way that ICT has changed the nature of learning experiences for young people and the skills required to develop digital literacy (video, 62.4 Mb).
Digital Learning: the potential of ICT (Learning about Learning website) - Teaching staff and pupils from a primary school describe how ICT helps to motivate pupils as well as to develop critical thinking and boost confidence
(Video, 113.9 Mb).
Learning: skills for the 21st century (Learning about Learning website) - How a large primary school engages young people in the highest quality learning experiences. Staff and pupils review and evaluate the creative and innovative use of ICT
(Video, 35.4 Mb).
Digital Learning: joined up learning through ICT (Learning about Learning website) - Staff and pupils in a small primary school describe the importance of using all available ICT and the diverse benefits of embedding ICT in the classroom
(Video, 106.2 Mb).
Ambition: creative use of ICT (Learning about Learning website) - U
sing ICT to provide structure and depth to the curriculum within a primary school (Video, 75.6 Mb).

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