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Project 8: ICT Support for Assessment
ICT in Education - Fife Education ICT links - East Renfrewshire

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BECTA - ICT Advice for teachers
ICT Advice Science Online Inset (primary) 2003 : The Inset Pack
Top ICT Tips for a New Teacher (by Ollie Bray of Knox Academy) - Connected Online 12

Using web-based resources in Primary Science (Becta, pdf file)
Primary ICT - Creating a Whiteboard Lesson - Teacher's TV Video
Primary ICT - Advanced Whiteboard Techniques - Teacher's TV Video
ICT - Technology and learning (Learning about Learning website) - The role of technology in learning.The use of technologies makes it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of the educational process during independent work of students, during lectures, laboratory, during do my excel homework , practical and seminar classes. It reviews a range of new technologies and the way that ICT has changed the nature of learning experiences for young people and the skills required to develop digital literacy (video, 62.4 Mb).
Digital Learning: the potential of ICT (Learning about Learning website) - Teaching staff and pupils from a primary school describe how ICT helps to motivate pupils as well as to develop critical thinking and boost confidence
(Video, 113.9 Mb).
Learning: skills for the 21st century (Learning about Learning website) - How a large primary school engages young people in the highest quality learning experiences. Staff and pupils review and evaluate the creative and innovative use of ICT
(Video, 35.4 Mb).
Digital Learning: joined up learning through ICT (Learning about Learning website) - Staff and pupils in a small primary school describe the importance of using all available ICT and the diverse benefits of embedding ICT in the classroom
(Video, 106.2 Mb).
Ambition: creative use of ICT (Learning about Learning website) - U
sing ICT to provide structure and depth to the curriculum within a primary school (Video, 75.6 Mb).

Interactive Guidelines -
Knowledge & Understanding

Developing ICT capability
Using the technology

this is Level A B
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Level A Learning activities e.g. Additional advice from
Guide for Teachers & Managers
This strand is concerned with the building of knowledge and understanding of the technology and the development of skills and confidence in using the technology effectively and responsibly.
UT-A1.1 Using the technology - The computer interface

Use a mouse to point/click, and navigate through suitable applications.


UT-A1.2 Using the technology - Hardware and responsible use

Start up / shut down the computer


UT-A1.3 Using the technology - Computer peripherals

Use a keyboard/ concept keyboard to enter familiar words and phrases (e.g. own name).


UT-A1.4 Using the technology - Computer peripherals

Print by clicking a print button.


UT-A1.5 Using the technology - Storing work and file management

Save and retrieve work with support, using a named file.


Developing ICT capability
Creating & presenting

this is Level A B
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