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 Getting started

The SE 3-18 website is changing and evolving from the old Science Education 3-18 website To take account of the new experiences & outcomes in a Curriculum for Excellence we have moved to a brand new site :

The search facilities are so much better than before and it's the place to get all the latest information on CPD courses being run at SSERC. However, please note that is still under construction. Any feedback is welcome. We'll officially launch at the SSERC Conference in November.

If you are a Primary or Secondary teacher, technician,student working or essays writers in Scotland then please register (free!) with us (see e-mail details below) to access all exemplar materials on the new site. More and more material is being added daily. Say who you are, where you teach and/or your interest in improving science. Please provide your school, college or local authority e-mail address.

If you have access to the Glow digital network we are setting up authentication for all Glow users to directly access the website.

To prevent the spammers automatically using my e-mail, replace the (at) in the following address with @ to contact me - ian.birrell(at)


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