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TSEC Strategies for Teachers of 5-14 Science -
Improving Science Education CPD through Practical Activities
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Contents of the PackInside the DVD/CD Pack

The pack covers the attainment outcome 'Living Things and the Processes of Life'. It consists of a DVD showing examples of effective classroom practice in 5-14 Science education and a CD-ROM containing related teaching materials and further information for teachers and trainers. The development team comprises experienced classroom teachers who have themselves used all of the materials in the pack. The video clips show teachers working in actual classroom situations, demonstrating teaching strategies that they have found to work well in practice. The CD-ROM covers every topic on the DVD and provides health and safety information, lesson plans, concise teacher notes and fuller explanations of specific learning and teaching strategies. Whilst the pack is firmly set within the science curriculum, the strategies exemplified are relevant to the delivery of other curricular areas.The training programs cover many practical aspects, but the main personality of this program is the involvement of order an essay service

For School Managers and Education Authority support staff, the pack considers strategies for curriculum planning and resource management in schools of different sizes. It also offers models of authority Improving Science Education 5-14 action plans and quality improvement strategies.

The pack is designed to be used by tutors to deliver training courses, by school staff to deliver school-based CPD activities and by individual teachers to develop their practice. It is also intended that it should be used to support the peer tutoring model of staff development described in the Introduction.

The DVD can be viewed individually by teachers as part of their personal development, by groups in school or during centre-based training sessions, most often focussing on specific topics The CD-ROM includes Powerpoint presentations for use during staff training activities. Teachers and trainers are welcome to copy any of the materials for their own use.

The pack is also intended to be of use to school and authority managers to support curriculum planning and resource management.

At present SSERC is organising the contents of the DVD and Resources discs into a web-based format. This is under development at present.

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