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Strategies for Teachers of 5-14 Science - Improving Science Education CPD Through Practical ActivitiesTSEC Strategies for Teachers of 5-14 Science - Improving Science Education CPD through Practical Activities (DVD/CD)

News and background

Towards the end of the Summer Term of 2004-05, TSEC (the Tayside Science Education Consortium) effectively entered a dissemination phase. By then, the three partner authorities had seen well over a year of intense development and delivery of training in learning and teaching for 5-14 science. Across the three partner councils (Angus, City of Dundee and Perth and Kinross) techniques intended to improve learning and teaching in science have been introduced, supported and carefully recorded both on video and on paper. Although grounded in only one of three Attainment Outcome for Environmental Studies 5-14 Science (Living Things and the Processes of Life) the TSEC materials have great potential for application across the whole of 5-14 science, and probably well beyond.

The TSEC team have produced a comprehensive collection of materials and video clips of classroom practice covering a wide range of techniques from effective questioning through formative assessment and onto the development and assessment of skills such as those needed for investigative work.

They have also taken the trouble to build on and further develop the good practice exemplified by other practitioners - both within and outwith the ISE 5-14 consortia and from other national or local initiatives. The TSEC pack of materials has been produced with the expert help of the Angus Digital Media Centre in Brechin.

A number of authorities, those represented at the Local and National Launch events, will already have received a copy of this excellent resource. It is our view that the TSEC pack has potential for use in CPD on learning and teaching generally and not just in science.

At present SSERC is organising the contents of the DVD and Resources discs into a web-based format. This is under development at present.

Additional copies are available for purchase from:

Mary Logue (ESO Science)
Angus Council Educational Development Service
Bruce House
DD11 3TE
Fax 01241 435034. Tel 01241 435102

As the nominal publishers, we (i.e. SSERC Ltd.) have arranged a pricing structure which we believe is favourable to Scottish Local Authorities seeking to obtain multiple copies for use in their schools. We would also strongly recommend following the example of a number of local authorities who have ‘launched’ the resource locally at a CPD event or ‘good practice’ conference of their own.

The pricing structure agreed with TSEC is as follows:

1 to 5 copies - £15 per copy

6 to 20 - £12 per copy and

21+ - £10 per copy

(plus VAT and post & packing at cost).

Several authorities have recognised already the potential of the TSEC pack in CPD more generally, to improve aspects of learning and teaching across the 5-14 curriculum and not just in Science. Please take the time to review the pack and to have a good look at the DVD and CD ROM.
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