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Living things & the processes of life - The processes of life - The Human Body & Reproduction - P6G17


Worksheet  D23 (G)
The Human Body - BBC Interactive (needs Flash 4) - excellent

Know and describe in basic terms some of the effects of exercise on the body - PE
Investigating and developing fitness - Expressive Art

Ask a Biologist - Seeing Colour

New Media - Multimedia Science School (reference only to CD-ROM based resource used in several LAs and schools) - Alveoli - Describe the role of lungs in breathing – this shows how gas exchange takes place in the alveoli as blood flows through the capillaries. Probably goes too far but teachers can limit how much detail pupils access.

To Investigate how Exercise Affects Breathing Rate - Pupil Activity
How many breaths, on average, do you take in a minute - Pupil Activity

Materials to Construct a Model of the Lungs - Pupil Activity
Lung Capacity with Balloons - Pupil Activity
To investigate the Surface Area of the Lungs - Pupil Activity
Peak Flow Tag - Pupil Activity   Peak Flow Meters Activity
To Investigate Breathing and the Effect of Narrowing Airways - Pupil Activity
Breathing/Lungs Wordsearch - Pupil Activity

Starting Science - SO-13.4.1, SO-13.4.2, GF-4.2
Spotlight Science
- 12a, 12b

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