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Living things and the processes of life
 The processes of life

Pupil Activity

There is an alternative activity to this in the Teacherís Guide. This activity may require asthmatic pupils to take their medication before the exercises.


9" balloons
tape measure
paper and pen or pencil


  • Write the names of those people taking part in this investigation, on the board. There should also be space left for three measurements and an average for each person.

  • Find a partner and collect a pair of identical balloons.

  • Each person should now blow up each balloon as much as possible with only one breath.

  • Measure how big around everyone's balloon is with a tape measure and write down the numbers next to the persons names on the board.

  • Let air out of balloons and repeat two more times.

  • Take an average of three tests.

  • Complete the table on the board.


Who was able to blow the most air into their balloon?

What is it about the person that enables him or her to do this?

If you ran in place for 2 - 3 minutes, would you be able to blow as much air into the balloon? Try it.

What happens to the balloons after they have been blown up and let down several times?

Are they easier or harder to blow up?

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