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Living things and the processes of life
 The processes of life

Pupil Activity


Work with a partner

This activity may require asthmatic pupils to take their medication before the exercises.


paper, stopwatch, skipping rope (optional)


  • Make a note of each of your resting breathing rates.

  • This is the number of breaths you take in one minute.

  • To make this easier, time the breaths you take for only 20 seconds.

  • Write that answer down and then multiply it by 3.

  • This will give you the number of breaths you take in sixty seconds.

  • That is the same as a minute.

  • Now do an activity like jumping jacks, skipping, stepping, etc. for two minutes.

  • Take your breathing rate immediately you stop the exercise.

  • Do this the same way you took your resting breathing rate.


What do you notice about your results?

What is the main effect of exercise on breathing rate?

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