Earth and Space - Earth in space - Sun, Moon & Stars - G6
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Group 6 exemplar Earth & Space  - Sun, Moon & Stars (Word)

1. Worksheet B1a (G) is a simple record sheet for the children to record the daily weather. It is useful to decide on weather symbols to use before starting this exercise and to have them displayed somewhere clearly for the children to copy. Writing could be added depending on time and ability.

A spreadsheet is also included on the CD-Rom for the children to use if required. Enter data by moving the pointer to the box required and clicking once. Type in the weather type and press ‘return’ then move to the next box and so on. The completed chart for the class can then be printed.

Partly sunny
2. The cards on worksheet B1b (G) can be cut up and used for the children to sort into two groups - Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.
3. Worksheet B1c (G) can be used for the children to draw six things which remind them of Spring.

Worksheet B1d (G) can be used for the children to draw things which make them think of Summer.

4. Worksheet B1e (G) and B1f (G) can be used to do the same for Autumn and Winter.
5. Worksheet B1g (G) can be used for the children to draw clothes on or to make a collage using scraps of fabric.