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This is the Target Group Menu for a group of targets from the Science Framework for Planning
Group 2 Introducing living things
This way for Group 3 - Making materials change

The Earth is home to many living things. Are humans more alike than different? What plants & animals are around us?  What do plants & animals need to stay healthy? Do plants look the same all year round? What can we do to act safely?
Big Idea - How can I keep healthy and how can science help?

Science - Interactive Guidelines Curriculum for Excellence - draft outcomes
CfE  (Planet Earth - Biodiversity) (Early) - SCN 002B - I have observed living things around me over a period of time and recorded information on them. I can demonstrate my curiosity about living things and their environment.
CfE  (Planet Earth - Biodiversity) (First) - SCN 102B - I have observed and recorded some features of living things which allows me to place them in groups. Using this information I can sort living and non living things into groups giving reasons for my decisions.
CfE  (Planet Earth - Biodiversity) (First) - SCN 103B - I can help design experiments to find out what plants need in order to grow and develop. I can observe and record my findings and from what I have learned I can grow healthy plants in school.

Target Menu Environmental Studies - Science component - Attainment Target ES Target Code

Living things and the processes of life
 Variety & characteristic features

This way for development of target LT-A1.1

Recognise similarities & differences between themselves and others LT-A1.1

This way for development of target LT-A1.2

Sort living things into broad groups according to easily observable characteristics LT-A1.2

 Processes of life

This way for development of target LT-A2.2

Describe some ways in which humans keep themselves safe   LT-A2.2

This way for development of target LT-A2.3

Give the conditions needed by animals and plants in order to remain healthy LT-A2.3

 Interaction of living things with their environment

This way for development of target LT-A3.1

Recognise & name common plants and animals found in the local environment LT-A3.1

This way for development of target LT-A3.2

Give examples of how to care for living things and the environment LT-A3.2

This way for development of target LT-A3.3

Give some example of seasonal changes that take place in the appearance of plants LT-A3.3
Future Learning (progression) -  G5 Energy For Living Things       G8 Plants & Animals

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