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ISE 5-14 Photos - Plants (mono and dicotyledonous flowering plants)

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Mono and dicotyledonous flowering plants – These belong to the group of Angiosperms/Flowering Plants, a large group comprising most of the world’s plant species. Monocotyledonous plants have a single embryonic seed leaf, leaves with parallel veins and flowers with parts in threes; dicotyledonous plants have two embryonic seed leaves and flowers with parts in twos or fives. Cotyledons are the ‘seed leaves’ which provide some food for the developing seed but which develop first above ground and begin photosynthesizing until true leaves develop. All photos taken by Ginger Franklin of the Edinburgh Academy.

Move the mouse pointer over any thumbnail for more information. The equivalent full-size high-resolution photo can be accessed by clicking the select button once.

beech in flower  bluebells  dicot 1 (purple)  dicot azalea  dicot cherry  dicot clematis 
dicot clematis2  dicot dandelion  dicot hollyhock  dicot hydrangea  dicot nigella  dicot pink
dicot poppy  dicot 1 leaves  dicot 2 (raspberry leaves)  dicot 3  dicot 4  dicot 5
monocot bluebell  monocot crocus  monocot sea oat  monocot toad lily  monocot tulip 2  monocot tulip
monocot 1 (grass)  monocot 2  monocot 3 (iris)  monocot 4


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