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ISE 5-14 Photos

All the following links take you to many samples of photographic clip-art which is largely in PC jpg (JPEG format).

Right mouse click on the graphic you want then Copy. You can Paste the figure straight into Word.

Electricity (coming soon)

Food (coming soon)

Plants (taken by Ginger Franklin of the Edinburgh Academy) - classroom    desert   fungi & lichen   miscellaneous      mono & dicotyledonous flowering plants   mosses, liverworts, horsetails & ferns    pollination    rainforest      seed dispersal     trees - Scottish, conifers, others

Natural habitats (5-14 online)

Brilliant library of searchable, high-quality photosWinter - Ice & snow

Dabbling with Digital Images (by Ken Kinnear) - from Connected Online 12 at LT Scotland
See also the Fife Image Bank by Fife Education Service Becta - Science Clipart

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