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This is the logo for the Investigative ApproachThis is the logo for the Investigative ApproachAn Investigative Approach to Science,
Teaching Strategies, Thinking Skills & Formative Assessment

Strategies for Teachers of 5-14 Science - Improving Science Education CPD Through Practical ActivitiesTSEC

Strategies for Teachers
of 5-14 Science -
Improving Science Education CPD
through Practical Activities

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CPD Training for trainers

Intensive 5-day course with training materials

Thinking Skills

Put on your Thinking CAP




Cognitive Acceleration

The Journey to Excellence website (HMIe)

An Investigative Approach to Science

What is an Investigation? Teaching how to investigate A possible approach Planning for a fair test Development Team
Investigations :-     What is the best colour for a greenhouse?        Best seeds

How to carry out investigations in the classroom        Plant life-cycle

       Science Investigation Report       Classroom Management Strategies 


TSEC START Materials
How Good is our Investigation (Level B)?  How Good is our Investigation (Level C)?

PIPS 2 (access to video - probably only suitable if you have Broadband or a great deal of patience!)



Barbara McConnell - Investigations   
Energy & Forces - Part 3 - Jan (video 14 Mb)
- Which vehicle goes the furthest?


Energy Planner  Teachers' Notes  Scenario card  Investigation



Scientific enquiry - Digital Brain

Update based on Walter Whitelaw's CPD materials

Hong Kong primary pupils' cognitive understanding and reasoning in conducting science investigation: A pilot study on the topic of "Keeping Warm"
How to carry out a 'wicked' science investigation (search for "wicked")
Miscellaneous investigation resources
Questioning in the classroom (CPD)


Formative Assessment

Latest News

ISE 5-14 Support - Exemplar Materials - this way for more infoFormative Assessment in Science CD - this way for more infoSSERC was recently awarded a Scottish Executive grant of £330,000 to develop a programme of national workshops for teachers along with a series of residential summer schools. You will also be aware that Learning and Teaching Scotland has published a set of support materials for teachers delivering the science component of Environmental Studies. In considering staff development resources, you may wish to purchase the Formative Assessment in Science CD from Learning Curve Software. This material has been made available to Education Authority Assessment Co-ordinators and is designed to improve the quality of science teaching and raise attainment. You will, of course, be aware of the preparatory work being done on the Curriculum review of science. During the next academic session, schools and authorities will have the opportunity to engage in the practical issues that arise from this initial work.

Formative Assessment - Teacher's TV video (Paul Black & Chris Harrison - authors of Inside the Black Box)
Effective Questioning - Teacher's TV video - What is inside the children's heads? Shaping children's learning & understanding. Helping children to express themselves. Open questioning. Fat & skinny questions.
Questioning in the classroom (CPD) - from Astra Zeneca Science Teaching Trust
SCOTAT (Scottish Teachers Advancing Thinking)
Formative Assessment Techniques

Suggested Assessment Exercise from the South East Earth and Space (SEES)
Magnets and their Uses - Word file (an example of a formative assessment strategy - other contexts can easily be identified)
Simple Formative Assessment Exercise (SAPS Materials)
Cognitive Acceleration Program (CAP)

Visit the Teacher Development Programme "Thinking Skills" on the Fife Science Education website (includes CPD program & much more)
Effective Displays (CPD) - from Astra Zeneca Science Teaching Trust

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