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...from The Journey to Excellence :-

A curriculum for thinking - Carol McGuinnessCarol McGuinness (videos on thinking skills, can also be downloaded)

A curriculum for thinking - (video, 35 Mb) - Considers some of the issues associated with embedding thinking skills as an integral part of the curriculum.
A framework for thinking - (video, 71 Mb) - Reflects on the growth of the thinking skills movement in schools and how teachers and support staff can foster different types of thinking in learners.
Assessing thinking skills - (video, 31 Mb) - Contrasts traditional ways of assessing children's knowledge and understanding with new approaches that examine the quality of their thinking.
Collaborative thinking - (video, 66 Mb) - Reflects on how learners develop collaborative thinking skills through working with others towards achieving group goals.
Developing thinking at home - (video, 66 Mb) - Discusses how parents and carers can foster a climate that helps young people to develop their ability to think.
Teachers and thinking styles - (video, 46 Mb) - Reviews some of the considerations facing teachers when planning for thinking skills and she also highlights some stereotypes and common assumptions about thinking within the curriculum.
Teaching thinking skills - (video, 76 Mb) - Compares the approach of infusion with the discrete teaching of thinking skills and how teachers can create a climate for thinking.
The case for thinking skills - (video, 42 Mb) - Puts forward the case for developing thinking skills in all learners and highlights the importance of transferring knowledge and understanding to new learning situations.
Thinking and metacognition -  (video, 106 Mb) - Outlines some of the main considerations for schools seeking to develop metacognition amongst learners.

Case study: St Patrick's Primary SchoolCase study: St Patrick's Primary School
St Patrick’s is a primary school situated within South Lanarkshire Council. This case study illustrates how the school demonstrates features of excellence across a range of key dimensions. This includes helping learners to develop metacognition and thinking skills, planning and assessment, and fostering a whole school approach to leadership.


Creativity - Dylan Wiliam

Creativity - Dylan Wiliam - Reviews the changing nature of literacy in our society and the importance of developing creative thinking skills in young people.



Learning: learning to be learnersLearning: learning to be learners - How a primary school engages young people in the highest quality learning experiences. It describes the ways that the school develops metacognition in learners through thinking skills and an appreciation of preferred learning styles.


Put on your Thinking CAPTeam Members (Science Development Team, Fife Council Education Service)


- Cognitive Acceleration Program

Visit the Teacher Development Programme "Thinking Skills" on the Fife Science Education website (includes CPD program & much more)


Thinking Skills & Cognitive Acceleration - latest from King's College

CASE Network                         Improving learning through cognitive intervention - GTC

ISE 5-14 'Thinking Science' CASE materials     Thinking Skills presentation by Tom Dickson of Fife (Powerpoint)

TES article - Thinking: the next big idea...      Case Study 20:  Monifieth High School, Angus

North East Scotland Science Consortium - Day 7 of Science Co-ordinators' Tutor Pack

Thinking Skills (DEVELOPING UNDERSTANDING strategy, TSEC START materials)

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