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This is the Target Group Menu for a group of targets from the Science Framework for Planning
Group 32   Biotechnology
This way for Group 33 - Cells

Not all living things are large organisms like plants & animals. What characterises micro-organisms and in which ways are they an important influence on our lives?
Big Idea
- What are the risks and benefits of using cells and cell processes?

Science - Interactive Guidelines Curriculum for Excellence - draft outcomes
CfE  (Energy in the Environment - Energy transfer) (Level Third) - SCN 308F - I can contribute to the design of an investigation to show the effects of different factors on the rate of aerobic respiration and share my findings with the others in the class.
CfE  (Life & Cells - Biotechnology) (Level Second) - SCN 227P - From a variety of activities I can show how microscopic living things can be used to produce and break down foods.
CfE  (Life & Cells - Biotechnology) (Level Third) - SCN 317P - In my group I can contribute to the design of investigations on the growth of microbes and debate the risks and benefits of their different roles. I can give a simple explanation on how some cells can be used therapeutically.
CfE (Topical Science) (Level Third) - SCN 332BB - Through research and group discussion, I have contributed to an evaluation of a media item with regard to its scientific content.

Target Menu Environmental Studies - Science component - Attainment Target ES Target Code

Living things and the processes of life
 The processes of life

This way for development of target LT-F2.2 Describe the process of respiration LT-F2.2
This way for development of target LT-E1.1

Give the main distinguishing features of microorganisms

This way for development of target LT-F1.1

Describe the harmful and beneficial roles of microorganisms

This way for development of target LT-F1.2

Outline the principles of modern biotechnology and explain its significance now and in the future

This way for development of target LT-F1.3

Explain the role of chromosomes and genes in inheritance

Future Learning (progression) -     G33 Cells   
St. Biology: The World of Plants, Animal Survival, The Body In Action, Inheritance, Biotechnology
INT1 Biology: Unit 2 Biotechnology Industries       INT1 Chemistry: Unit 3 Chemistry and Life

CfE  (Energy in the Environment - Energy transfer) (Level Fourth) - SCN 416H Bio - I can express an informed view on the risks and benefits of future fuel options, including those which are produced from plants.
CfE  (Life & Cells - Biotechnology) (Level Fourth) - SCN 430P Bio - I can debate the moral and ethical issues associated with some controversial biological procedures.
CfE (Topical Science) (Level Fourth) - SCN 443BB ALL - I have researched a new development in science and can show how its current or future application might impact on modern life.
CfE (Topical Science) (Level Fourth) - SCN 444BB ALL - Having selected a scientific theme of topical interest, I can critically analyse the issues, and use relevant information to develop an informed argument.

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