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This is the Target Group Menu for a group of targets from the Science Framework for Planning
Group 14 (Alt.) Living on Earth (Animals)
This way for Group 14 - Living on Earth (Plants)

What processes (of life) do living things need to continue to do if they (and their descendants) are to survive on Earth? What can humans do to help the continued survival of all living things and their environments?
Big Idea - How can I keep healthy and how can science help?

Science - Interactive Guidelines Curriculum for Excellence - draft outcomes
CfE  (Planet Earth - Biodiversity) (Level Second) - SCN 205B - From a range of sources, including my local environment, I can identify and classify examples of living things to help me appreciate their variety.
CfE (Topical Science) (Level Second) - SCN 236BB - I can report and comment on a current scientific news item to develop my awareness of topical science.

Target Menu Environmental Studies - Science component - Attainment Target ES Target Code

Living things and the processes of life
 Variety & characteristic features

This way for development of target LT-C1.3

Name some common animals using simple keys


This way for development of target LT-C1.1

Give some of the more obvious distinguishing features of the five vertebrate groups LT-C1.1

This way for development of target LT-C1.2

Name some common members of the vertebrate groups LT-C1.2

 The processes of life

This way for development of target LT-C2.1

Name the life processes common to humans & other animals LT-C2.1

 Interaction of living things with their environment

This way for development of target LT-C3.1

Give examples of living things that are rare or extinct LT-C3.1

This way for development of target LT-C3.2

Explain how living things in the environment can be protected, and give examples LT-C3.2
Future Learning (progression) -   G17 The Human Body & Reproduction     G21 Our Environment

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