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Strands & Targets in Guidelines

This is the Target Group Menu for a group of targets from the Science Framework for Planning
Group 1  Introducing materials
This way for Group 2 - Introducing Living Things

What are things made of?   Objects can change but do all objects or materials respond to change in the same way?

Target Menu Attainment Target Target Code

Earth and Space    Attainment Strand - Materials from Earth  Materials from Earth

This way for development of target ES-A2.1

Recognise & name some common materials from living & non-living sources ES-A2.1

This way for development of target ES-A3.1

Make observations of the ways in which some materials can be changed by processes such as squashing, bending, twisting and stretching ES-A3.1

This way for development of target ES-A2.2

Give examples of some materials based on simple properties ES-A2.2
Future Learning (progression) -  G3 Making materials change         G6 Sun, Moon & Stars           G9 Water 

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