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An Investigative Approach to Science

Development Team
The following development team undertook the task of producing the Primary Science Investigations package.
  1. Bill Fleming, Education Development Service, Renfrew
  2. Denis Gallacher, Trinity High School, Renfrew 
  3. Alastair McMillan, Castlehead High School, Paisley
  4. Thomas McCormick, Slaemuir Primary School, Port Glasgow
  5. Shirley Wieland, Kirklandneuk Primary School, Renfrew

We would like to acknowledge the cooperation and consent of 
Anne Goldsworthy and Rosemary Feasey1 to adapt and develop their original ideas to the requirements of 5-14 Environmental Studies. 

1 ‘Making Sense of Primary Science Investigations’ - Anne Goldsworthy & Rosemary Feasey - ASE Publications - ISBN : 0 86357 205 7

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