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Items are arranged by similarity of application, or for other reasons, and not by stock number sequence. Often the item number serves only for stock identification by us in making up orders. Newer stock items are marked in red, so as to be more easily seen.

VAT : The prices quoted do not include VAT. However it is added to every customer's order. Local authority establishments will be able to reclaim this input VAT.

Postage : Postage and, where necessary, packing, will be charged for. It is therefore best not to send cash with an order, but wait for us to bill you. Official orders may be used.

Please try and ask for at least £10 worth of goods because the administrative costs of handling orders are significant.

Don't send cash with orders We repeat, please do not send payment with your order. Wait until you receive our advice note upon which payment may be made. This saves unnecessary complications, e.g. when items are out of stock, failure to make provision for VAT, or if a delivery charge needs to be made. Items of equivalent value may be deducted from your order to balance any shortfall.

This service supplies equipment, components and materials useful for small scale projects and other practical activities. It is not intended to compete with the mainstream educational suppliers. Rather it aims to support schools by finding a range of unusual or hard-to-find items and pass on any bulk purchase benefits.

Where we know of several better and convenient sources of commonly used components we may have deliberately decided not to stock such items ourselves. We can however refer readers to the relevant preferred suppliers.



Miniature motor, 3V  
1.5V to 3V, 2mm dia. shaft. Motor can be used for project work but they run at fairly high speeds, some form of gearing will be required. See worm/gear, item 811.
Stock No. 593 Price each  30p
Miniature motor, 6V  
3V to 6V, 2mm dia. shaft. Motor can be used for project work but they run at fairly high speeds, some form of gearing will be required. See worm/gear, item 811.


Stock No. 614 Price each  45p
Miniature motor, open
1.5V to 3V, now with 8 tooth pinion. The open body of this motor makes it ideal for showing how such a motor is constructed.


Stock No. 621 Price each  25p
  Pack of 24 gears,
was Stock No.798

6 each of 12, 20, 30 or 40 teeth,
dia. 15, 22, 32, 40 mm.
12 tooth gear fits motor shaft and 40 tooth gear is push fit in cotton reel
Supplied in packs of 24.
Six of each of four shapes, mixed colours.

Stock No. 799  No longer available
39 mm diameter, assorted colours, 3 mm axle hole.
Supplied in packs of 100.




Worm and gear  
Gives a 34 to 1 speed reduction.

Stock No. 811 Price per set  35p


Axles 3 mm dia.,nickel plated, round ends. push fit on SSERC plastic wheels, gears and pulleys: Lengths 70mm, 95mm and 120mm. Supplied in packs of four.
 70mm  Stock No. 817  DISCONTINUED
 95mm  Stock No. 818  DISCONTINUED
120mm  Stock No. 819  DISCONTINUED

Worms to fit 2mm electric motor shaft, supplied in packs of five.

Stock No. 820           Price per pack  £1.00
Enables gears, pulleys and wheels, to be fitted to smaller motor shafts. Supplied in packs of five.


3mm to 2mm: Stock No. 821 Price per pack        25p
4mm to 2mm: Stock No. 867 Price per pack        25p
4mm to 3mm: Stock No. 868 Price per pack        25p


Microswitch miniature, lever operated. Single pole change-over. Connection by solder or crocodile clips.

Stock No. 723 Price each  40p
Plastic toggle switch, low voltage
Connection by crocodile clip


Stock No. 822 Price each  40p
Crocodile clips, miniature.
Insulated, available in two colours. Termination is by soldering (recommended) or crimping.


Red:   Stock No. 688 Price each  5p
Black: Stock No. 759 Price each  5p
Crocodile leads,  
Assorted colours, insulated crocodile clips at ends, pack of 10 leads. 36 cm long.

Stock No. 788 Price per pack  £1.35
2 x AA Cell ('battery') holder
Connection by PP3 type terminal


Stock No. 835  Price each  15p
 2 x C Cell ('battery') holder
Connection by PP3 type terminal


Stock No. 845 Price each  20p




MES (miniature Edison screw) bulbs,  3.5 V.

Stock No. 789 Price each 10p




MES battenholders for lamps above.
Connections by screw terminal

Stock No. 691 Price each  20p
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).
Note, LEDs should only be used with a series RESISTOR.

Red:    Stock No. 508 Price per pack of 10   50p
Yellow: Stock No. 761 Price per pack of 10   60p
Green:  Stock No. 762 Price per pack of 10   60p


  3V buzzer

Click here for sound of buzzer connected to 3 V 
Click here for sound of buzzer connected to solar cell (838).

Stock No. 790 Price each   55p



100 x 60 mm,    
3.75 V per cell, max.


Stock No. 838 Price each  £2.10

Solar motor,

Motor, solar, 12 mm long by 25 mm dia., shaft 6 x 2mm dia. (see also Item 838 - solar cell).


Stock No.  839 Price each  £1.70
Solar pack : one of each solar cell, solar motor propeller (801), and 3 V buzzer - with notes.  
Stock No.  840 Price each  £3.75
Motor mounts
Motor mounts, plastic, push-fit with self adhesive base pad for SSERC motors 593 & 614. Supplied in packs of 10
Stock No. 836 Price per pack  £2.35
Propeller, 3 blade
3 blade, to fit all motors with 2 mm shafts. Blade 62 mm long.


Stock No. 801 Price each   35p
Propeller kit,  
Kit comprises of 10 hubs and 20 blades.  Can make up to ten 2-blade or six 3-blade propellers. 


Stock No. 792 Price per kit   £3.50
Cotton reels    
Plastic cotton reels for making buggies, rubber powered tanks etc. Supplied in packs of 20. Mixed colours in pack.


Stock No. 794 Price per pack   £1.25
Pack of 20 pulleys, 5 of each of 10, 20, 30 and 40 mm diameters. The smallest pulley fits onto 2mm motor shafts.
Stock No. 796 Price per pack   £3.50
Pulleys  NEW
Pack of 10 pulleys, 12mm diameter. Fit 2mm motor shafts. For suitable motors see Stock No. 593 & 614.
Stock No. 802 Price per pack   £1.50


Ring magnet  
40 mm outer diameter, 22 mm inner diameter.

Stock No. 837 Price each 35p
Ceramic square magnet  
19 x 19 x 5 mm, random polarisation


Stock No. 815 Price each  15p
Ceramic magnets  
Poles at ends, 10 x 6 x 22mm


Stock No. 823 Price each  12p



Please do not send payment in advance but await delivery and then pay on our advice note or invoice.
Last Updated:   16/08/2006