Attainment Target F3.3



This work was done as part of a unit called 'Divided World'. Planning was carried out in class, but most research was done as homework. There was no teacher support.


People in Society - Level F1.1, F3.3
Enquiry Skills - Level D1.2, D2.2, F2.1, F3.1, F3.2

Although this work was carried out specifically as an enquiry, it nevertheless does obviously demonstrate knowledge and understanding, and can be used to demonstrate attainment of various targets. Attainment target F1.1 is clearly attained, F3.3 less certainly. Stephen's work looks at ways of solving problems arising from disputes, while the bullet point refers to 'ways of resolving disputes'. Avoiding an overly rigid adherence to the letter of the guidelines rather than the spirit, however, it can be concluded that Stephen is capable of this level of attainment. As far as Enquiry Skills are concerned, he clearly demonstrates attainment of F2.1, F3.1 and F3.2.

Suggested Activities

  • Stephen could be encouraged to justify his choices of sources and techniques (Enquiry Skills F1.2, F2.2).

  • Stephen could be encouraged to analyse his sources for relevance, bias and accuracy (Enquiry Skills F2.3).

  • Stephen could be helped to remove bias from his own findings.