Level E

Attainment Targets

  • E1.1 - describe and explain the ways in which contact with other cultures and the media have influenced perceptions of need

  • E1.2 - identify ways in which local/national agencies and individual enterprise can help meet society's needs, e.g. by creating jobs, fund-raising, care of the elderly

  • E1.3 - give examples of revenue raising and expenditure that provide local and national services, e.g. libraries, transport

  • E2.1 - describe some of the rights of young people and laws that affect them

  • E2.2 - describe some main factors in selected human rights issues

  • E3.1 - identify ways that citizens can participate in decision making through elections and pressure groups at local, national and international level

  • E3.2 - give examples of the ways in which local and national government make decisions that affect people's lives