Level D

Attainment Targets

  • D1.1 - explain that different groups and cultures have different needs, e.g. the elderly, the unemployed

  • D1.2 - provide simple examples of the ways that supply and demand can affect price

  • D1.3 - describe in simple terms how some local services are financed, e.g. swimming pool, refuse collection

  • D2.1 - explain why laws are made in society, e.g. laws to deal with discrimination such as racism, sexism, etc.

  • D2.2 - describe some of the ways in which society deals with and punishes crime, e.g. community service, fines

  • D2.3 - suggest some of the rights and responsibilities of a citizen in a democracy

  • D3.1 - describe simply how representatives are chosen and the types of work they do, e.g. local councillors, members of Scottish, British and European parliaments

  • D3.2 - describe the ways in which the media can affect personal decision making