Level C

Attainment Targets

  • C1.1 - describe the difference between needs and wants

  • C1.2 - suggest ways that individuals, families and communities help meet the needs of and care for others, e.g. health care providers, extended families, etc.

  • C1.3 - give examples of sources of personal and family income, and choices for spending

  • C2.1 - describe different rules that apply in different contexts, e.g. formal/informal, rules for personal safety, etc.

  • C2.2 - suggest ways in which they can contribute to the care of others and respect their feelings/views

  • C3.1 - describe ways people can participate in the decision-making process in various contexts - in school, work, community

  • C3.2 - identify the main features of an election at local and national level, e.g. voters, campaigning, candidates, ballot box, etc.