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Improving Science Education
(ISE 3-18)
.. online help to ease the transition from Environmental Studies to CfE


ES Guidelines - still useful

We've had various requests that teachers still find useful the familiar attainment level grid for the three components of Environmental Studies plus those for Health Education and ICT.

Click here for the Planet Earth Experiences & Outcomes Click here for the Energy in the Environment Experiences & Outcomes Click here for the Forces & Motion Experiences & Outcomes Click here for the Life & Cells Experiences & Outcomes Click here for the Communications Experiences & Outcomes Click here for the Materials Experiences & Outcomes Click here for Topical Science Outcomes and Scientific Enquiry Skills the science wheel for a Curriculum for ExcellenceThis is the Science wheel for a Curriculum for Excellence

You may click on any of the curricular organisers to take you to the relevant draft Experiences and Outcomes as published in September 2007. They aim to provide progression and seek to convey the values, principles and purposes of a Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). They build on the best of existing guidance while introducing areas of change.

They are designed to express an approach to learning that is clear to the teacher, experiences that will enhance learning, and outcomes that are meaningful to the young person.

The new draft experiences and outcomes are designed to allow teachers to ‘raise the bar’, permitting greater depth and challenging young people to be ambitious in their learning, whilst ensuring that learning is enjoyable. They are designed to encourage a range of learning and teaching styles, whilst at the same time actively encouraging participation and the development of a range of skills –
particularly important given the recognition given to schools’ contribution to skills development in the Scottish Government’s recently published Skills Strategy.

Most importantly, the draft experiences and outcomes should have an impact on classroom practice and learning. As a result, practitioners should have the opportunity to engage with young people in purposeful and worthwhile tasks, activities and events that contribute to their personal development and learning.


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