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This is the Target Group Menu for a group of targets from the Science Framework for Planning
Group 22 - Model of matter
This way for Group 23 - Acids & Metals

Matter is the stuff around you. What is matter made of? How do we know there are atoms, compounds and molecules in solids, liquids & gases? What is the Water Cycle and why is it important to life on Earth?

Target Menu Attainment Target Target Code
Earth and Space     Materials from the Earth 

This way for development of target ES-C2.1

Describe the differences between solids, liquids & gases ES-C2.1

This way for development of target ES-C2.2

Give some everyday uses of solids, liquids  & gases ES-C2.2

This way for development of target ES-D2.5

Name the gases of the atmosphere & describe some of their uses ES-D2.5

This way for development of target ES-E2.1

Describe the particulate nature of solids, liquids & gases and use this to explain their known properties ES-E2.1

This way for development of target ES-F2.3

Explain the Water Cycle using the particulate model. ES-F2.3
Earth and Space     Changing materials 

This way for development of target ES-E3.2

Describe the effect of temperature on solubility ES-E3.2
Future Learning (progression) -  G28 Periodic Table   G29 Chemical Reactions
St. Chemistry: Chemical Reactions, Atoms & the Periodic Table      St. Physics: Health Physics

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