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For exemplification material in Social Subjects, follow any of the NGfL links you see next to the relevant target - once you are on the page click on the "commentary" for more information. This information comes from the 5-14 Teacher Support CD - Gathering & Interpreting Evidence: Social Subjects. The exemplification material may also be found at the LTS managed 5-14 Online.

People in the past
People, events & societies of significance in the past
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People & place People in society
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PPA-B1.1 People, events & societies of  significance in the past
Describe some features of life in the past for a chosen topic/period. Developing an understanding of distinctive features of life in the past and why certain societies, people and events are regarded as significant. Within the chosen context, whether homes, Vikings, Romans, etc., pupils will learn about selected main features of life in the past, e.g. clothes, transport, homes, Click here to go to the start of this Strandwork and leisure. This could be done by using enquiry skills.

People in the past
Change and continuity, cause and effect
A this is Level B C
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