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Interactive Guidelines -
Knowledge & Understanding

Developing ICT capability
Using the technology

E this is Level F
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Guide for Teachers & Managers
This strand is concerned with the building of knowledge and understanding of the technology and the development of skills and confidence in using the technology effectively and responsibly.
City of Edinburgh Transition ICT Core Skills Summary
UT-F1.1 Using the technology - Hardware and responsible use

Troubleshoot using manuals and online help to resolve simple hardware and software problems.


UT-F1.2 Using the technology - Computer peripherals

Understand in simple terms how a computer, peripherals and software work together.


UT-F1.3 Using the technology - Computer peripherals

Print by clicking a print button.


UT-F1.4 Using the technology - Storing work and file management

Understand the general write-once nature of CD-ROM.


Developing ICT capability
Creating & presenting

E this is Level F
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