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An Investigative Approach to Science
Investigation - Plant life cycle
Growing Plants

When a seed germinates (sprouts), it makes new structures of root, stem and leaf. The root grows rapidly because new cells are being produced at the tip. The new cells change their shape; they become longer. This results in the root itself getting longer and it is able to grow down into the soil. Near the tip of the root are many tiny hairs. It is through these that the water in the soil gets into the plant.

Below are four statements in their correct order which describe the four stages in the life of a plant. However all the drawings are in the wrong order. Match up the statement to the correct diagram by drawing a line from one to the other with your pencil. When you have done this complete the empty circles with drawings of your own to show the stages in the life cycle of the plant.
1. Seeds lie dormant over the winter
2. Fruit forms after flowers bloom
3. Plants grow and produce food
4. Seeds begin to grow (germinate)
Vocabulary:- germinates    dormant    cells

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