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An Investigative Approach to Science
Investigation - What is the best colour for a greenhouse?
Primary 7 wanted to find out which was the best colour for a greenhouse. They decided to grow the same kinds of plants underneath sheets of different coloured plastic. Their investigation took 4-5 weeks. During that time they had to keep their tests fair. Here are their results.

Graph to show how much light passes through each colour of plastic

Pictograph to show how many leaves were on each plant at end of the test

Bar graph to show the height of plants at the end of the test

Use Primary seven’s results to help you answer these questions.
Which colour of plastic : -
  1. produced the most leaves?
  2. let the most light through?
  3. produced the tallest plant?
  4. would you choose for growing plants?
  5. is the worst for growing plants?

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