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Investigation - Best seeds
Greens Garden Centre

Dear Class,
I have to choose which make of seeds to stock at the Garden Centre. Obviously I wish to choose the best of the bunch and was wondering if you could therefore help me. Would you please find out from which packets of seeds the most plants grow? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
R. Stem.

Grant & Jason decided   to try and solve the problem. When they had finished they drew a strip cartoon to explain what they did and what their results showed.


1. We used four different brands of the same kind of seeds.
four seed trays
four 100 - square grids
2. The 100 square grid is made from wire mesh. It is 10 squares by 10 squares 3. We put the compost in each seed tray and then put the grid on each tray like this. The seed tray was longer than the grid.


4. We then put one seed in each square so that there were one hundred seeds planted in each tray.
5. We had to make sure that we looked after all the seeds in the same way. So we put them in the same place, gave them the same amount of water and left them for the same amount of time. 6. After two weeks we counted how many seeds had germinated in each tray. 36 out of 100 seeds germinated in tray A, that means 36% germinated but 64% did not.  7. Our results
Seeds percentage that 

A 36%
B 52%
C 64%
D 49%
Look at Grant & Jason’s results.
A = 36% B = 52% C = 64% D = 49%
I would buy               seed because

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