Earth and Space - Earth in space - Sun, Moon & Stars - G6


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Group 6 exemplar Earth & Space  - Sun, Moon & Stars (Word)

Hi, I'm DessyAstronomy Picture of the Day Archive - NASA

Ginn Star Science (Infants) - Earth and beyond.
Ginn New Star Science - Yr 3 – Light and Shadows, Tasks 6-8
Stage One Science C4
 Light and Dark
Worksheets  A2a (G) A2b (G)  A2c (G)
Night/day pictures. Shadow pictures (Art) - Expressive Arts
Concept Cartoons - 24 Hours (14.1)
Measurement of Time - Sequencing ‘My Day’ - Maths
Stories such as ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’ (Listening/Talking) - Eng Lang
Talk about/draw nocturnal creatures (Art) - Expressive Arts