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This is the Target Group Menu for a group of targets from the Science Framework for Planning
Group 21
Our environment
This way for Group 22 - Model of Matter

Living and survival on Earth requires continuous adaptation.
How do plants and animals alter their behaviour and form to favourably increase their chances? In what ways do humans make it difficult for other living things to survive on Earth.

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Living things and the processes of life
 Variety & characteristic features

This way for development of target LT-E1.2

Create and use keys to identify living things


 Interaction of living things with their environment

This way for development of target LT-D3.1

Describe examples of human impact on the environment that have brought about beneficial changes and examples that have detrimental effects


This way for development of target LT-D3.2

Give examples of how plants and animals are suited to their environment


This way for development of target LT-D3.3

Explain how responses to changes in the environment might increase the chances of survival

Future Learning (progression) -  G26 Energy Flow & Living Things      G32 Biotechnology
INT1 Biology: Unit 2 Biotechnology Industries            INT1 MER: Unit 1 Environmental Issues

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