Attainment Target F2.2



As part of a unit which studied Earth Forces, James and his class were asked to research, and write a report about, a natural disaster and its effects.


People and Place - Level F2.1, F2.2
Enquiry Skills - Level F3.1, F3.2

This is an example of a piece of work which can be used to assess attainment of several targets, thus giving a broad view of a pupil's overall level of attainment.

James's report demonstrates attainment of these targets comfortably. One point should be noted: F2.1 refers to the effects on economic activity of 'weather and climate'. Clearly James's work, strictly speaking, does not do so. However, this strand 'The physical environment' refers to 'developing an understanding of physical processes', which James's work obviously does. It is important to make sure that learning and teaching is not artificially distorted by an overly rigid adherence to the letter, rather than the spirit, of the guidelines.

Suggested Activities

James could be encouraged to extend his analysis of sources for relevance and accuracy (Enquiry Skills F2.3).