Level C

Attainment Targets

  • C1.1 - extend the mental map further by identifying on a map or globe other main local, Scottish, British or world features/locations as appropriate to the particular topic/study

  • C1.2 - describe the main features, e.g. scale, compass direction, of a few different types of map, such as street map, tourist map

  • C2.1 - describe some main types of weather and climate in the world and ways in which people adapt to them, e.g. style of house, working outdoors

  • C2.2 - identify and describe the main types of physical features of the Scottish landscape, e.g. those found in the Highlands or Central Lowlands

  • C3.1 - describe the main features of their own/a Scottish settlement and compare with others

  • C3.2 - describe contrasting ways of life and give reasons why they differ in different parts of the world

  • C4.1 - describe the main features of some common types of land use, e.g. farming, forestry, industrial estate

  • C4.2 - describe ways in which resources in Scotland are conserved and recycled