Attainment Target D2.1 (Example 1 of 2)

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As part of their unit on Knights and Castles, Joe was asked to write and illustrate a report on wooden castles. He talked to the teacher about what else he had learned about castles. She jotted down notes during their conversation.

Joe - chat

First castles - wood - cheaper than stone - build more quickly w wood - but people found out easy capture/destroy by - fire. Burning arrows - people inside die or surrender. Lords - castles of stone - usually replaced old wooden keeps w new stone towers - stronger and harder to capture - new weapons (cannons) invented War between lords died out - made castles homes/fancier.


People in the Past - Level D2.1, D2.2

Joe's work, including the chat, shows that he can identify features of castle-building that changed over an extended period of time; he explains in simple terms why these features were important and their effects on people's lives (e.g. led to new inventions, changes in lifestyle).

Suggested Activities

Joe could tie these changes into a more precise chronological framework.