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As part of the class's unit of work on The Romans, Aziz was asked to label a Roman soldier, draw a typical British person, and write a short report on the differences between them.

Aziz's Report

The picture of the Roman soldier shows him ready to fight. Roman soldiers were called 'centurions' because they fought in a 100 soldiers. Century means 100. He has a sword and a long spear. He has a shield, a helmet and armour to not get hurt. He is wearing a tunic down to his knees and sandals.

I have drawn a British man. He is wearing a leather hat and a top. He has painted his arms and his face. He did this to look frightening. He has a sword. He is hurt. Both sides used chariots, small carts pulled by horses. The British were beaten by the Romans as far as where Glasgow is now. The Romans built a wall across Scotland here called Antonine's Wall. The Roman Emperor then was called Antonine.


People in the Past - Level C1.1

Without going into great detail, Aziz does describe some aspects of life (clothing, weapons) which show diversity.

Suggested Activities

Aziz could strengthen his grasp of this target by describing in more detail other aspects of Roman/British lifestyles.