Attainment Target B2.2



In carrying out a unit on Houses and Homes, Ross's class compared facilities in the past and present. They visited a local museum, and gave a short interview to their group about one aspect of life that had changed.

Ross's Interview

Abdul - Ross, what are you going to talk about?
Ross - How people washed their clothes, washed themselves, and went to the toilet.
Sheila - What things have changed?
Ross - They used to rub their clothes against a board and then squeeze them through a mangle. Toilets used to be outside the house, and they used to fill up a tin bathtub with water to wash themselves.
Abdul - What has changed?
Ross - Now we have electric washing-machines. Our toilets are part of our houses. We have baths in special rooms called bathrooms, and you fill them with taps.
T. - Why have things changed?
Ross - Now everybody has electricity, and everybody has taps with hot and cold water. People are much cleaner now.
T. - And has everything changed? Or are some things still the same?
Ross - We still use soap, and we still flush the toilet. And we still have baths, but now we have showers too.


People in the Past - Level B 1.1, B2.1, B2.2, B2.3
Enquiry Skills B2.2, B3.1

This is an example of one piece of work allowing a teacher to assess several attainment targets. In his drawings and interview, Ross shows that he can describe some features of life in the past, and can also describe changes, give simple reasons for these changes, and give examples of continuity. In doing so, he is also classifying simple information and presenting his findings using drawings and talk.

Suggested Activities

Ross could start to think about some reasons for continuity (C3.2).