Attainment Target B1.1 (Example 1 of 4)

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Stacey and her classmates were asked to make posters illustrating some key aspects of the lives of the Plains Indians. Stacey received a great deal of support in finding information and in writing down her findings.


People in the Past - Level B1.1
Enquiry Skills B2.1, B2.2, C3.1

One could surmise from the standard of work achieved that Stacey is capable of a higher level of attainment. Her teacher noted, however, that without almost one-on-one support, she could not have achieved this level of attainment, and assessed her accordingly. In terms of Enquiry, her work does illustrate two distinct ways of recording and processing simple information. Her poster is sufficiently detailed to attain Enquiry Skills C3.1.

Suggested Activities

  • Stacey could be asked to compare these aspects of the Plains Indians lifestyle with those of the settlers, thus allowing her to attain Level C1.1.

  • She could also be asked to present conclusions about the life of the Plains Indians, with reasons. (Enquiry Skills C3.2).