Attainment Target A4.1

Mark - The class were asked to bring in two objects from their past and talk about them.

Mark's Talk

I've brought in two things. This is my first football top. It's for a team called Valspar. I wore it when I was 8. I kept it because we won an indoor competition that season. It reminds me of it.

This is a photograph of Dam Park Stadium, where I play football. Except this was taken when my dad was playing football there. He was in first year then, so this picture is 23 years old. It shows us that the stadium has changed, because there were no floodlights then. Plus the kits were different, and they didn't have sponsors

Teacher - And are those two things going on the display board, Mark?
Mark - Yes.
Teacher - Can you tell us what you did to help with the display of our area, Mark?
Mark - I drew the big map of the way it used to be.
Teacher - Good! And what did you find out from that?
Mark - There didn't use to be houses all the way to the river. And there didn't use to be a park.