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Support to improve 5-14 Science Education
for Scottish Primary & Secondary Teachers

University of Dundee - Botanic Garden

The University of Dundee Botanic Garden is an excellent resource all the year round for teaching and learning plant biology and other subjects. Their educational features include:

  • Glasshouses: well established tropical, temperate and desert vegetation.

  • Trees and shrubs planted in 9.5 hectares according to geographical location, demonstrating methods of pollination, seed dispersal and adaptation.

  • Mini-succession of native plants from mountain top and moorland to woodland and a eutrophic pond, especially good for ecological studies.

  • Material closely linked to the curriculum for primary and secondary schools is available.

  • Sessions are run to raise the competence of teachers in teaching plant biology.

  • Special educational events are often listed among our events.

  • A classroom can be booked for teaching and experimental work.

School Visits
You can plan a visit for your pupils in several ways. Please contact the Education Officer, Dr Neil Paterson (telephone 01382 647192, e-mail ) to discuss your needs.

  • Self-guided trails.

  • Activities assisted by the Education Officer.

  • Activities designed by you - a pre-visit planning session is recommended.

Courses for Teachers
Please contact the Education Officer, Dr Neil Paterson (telephone 01382 647192, e-mail ), if you would like to arrange a training session for teachers.

Scottish Virtual Teachers' Centre to Close - Connected Online 12, Spring 2005

GridClub is the SEED approved and funded website for 7-11-year-olds and is available free to every primary school in Scotland. GridClub contains hundreds of stimulating online activities mapped to the 5–14 curriculum. The GridClub clubs provide an excellent opportunity for your pupils to take part in online communication within a protected and mediated environment, designed to challenge pupils' imaginations.

Wind generator on Orkney mainland
Solar Science Set

A complete learning and teaching package to include a CD Rom, with a visit to a wind farm and downloadable worksheets ready for classroom use. Covering the 5 -14 National Guidelines they say it is an ideal package to stimulate and increase awareness of the potential power sources for the 21st century for Upper Primary and Secondary school children.

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Honeybee leg 60x lit from aboveThis way for an Equipment Review of the Intel Play QXL Digital MicroscopeHoneybee leg 60x colouredEquipment Review
Intel Play QXL Digital Microscope
Food Pics from
See also for activities using the Intel

New Microscopes - see News 28 (pdf)

SSERC 5-14 Clip-Art Collections

Articulation with Std. Grade

This way for interactive info from the green Guide



Here are some Key Questions (for teachers only), related to the Big Ideas in Science. E & S
They are hot-linked to the relevant Target Groups.
The Target Groups can be accessed directly from the Framework for Planning.

This summary of Group progression assists in planning for composite classes by encouraging flexibility within the constraints of the Guidelines, levels of attainment and the structure and balance of the curriculum.  More

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