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Energy & Forces - Forces & their effects - Friction & Air Resistance - G16
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1. There are several publications on the market which are for collectors of vintage and veteran cars which may be useful for this activity.

2. Worksheet D20a (G) could be used as an activity in various ways or enlarged for class discussion. Worksheet D20b (G) might be a useful follow up activity inviting the children to design their own car of the future.
3. If you can find pictures of swimmers from the 1900’s you could compare them to swimmers of today. Worksheet D20c (G) can be used for the children to identify which sports streamlining is important.
4. One interesting way to look at streamlining is to follow the changes given below by drawing them on the board changing the drawing each time to produce the new shape.

5. The activity given earlier for two pieces of paper would suffice here or you could try other objects. Try to make sure that the weight of the objects are similar.

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