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Energy & Forces - Conversion & transfer of energy - Electricity - G13
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 Energy is never lost but is changed into another form of energy - usually heat.

1. Because energy can never be lost it is always being changed from one form to another. The children will understand some of the changes that they experience. They can see that a light bulb receives electrical energy and changes it into light and heat. They will also understand that electrical energy can be changed into sound energy in a front door bell or a classroom demonstration using a bell or buzzer and some batteries.

Watch out for bells, buzzers, LEDs, motors etc. which may have to be connected a particular way round to the battery or they may not work. Connect them to the battery the same way as you would a bulb. If they do not work, try changing the wires at the battery end for end. Some buzzers and bells need more power than you can get from one battery so to get them to work you may need to use two or more batteries. Use a battery holder to make this easier or if none are available stick the batteries together using Sellotape making sure that the button end of one battery is hard up against the flat end of the next.

Worksheet C15 (G) can be used here to record energy changes from electrical to say light, and a drawing of the item in the box, e.g. lamp.

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