Living things & the processes of life - Variety & characteristic features - Introducing living things - G2


Ginn Year 1 - "Our Bodies" (P 58-65) "Myself" - a topic for P1 may form the basis for an introduction.
Ginn Star Science
(infants) Ourselves and other animals.
Ginn New Star Science
Yr1 – Ourselves Tasks 8-11
Yr 2 – Variation Tasks 5-7, 9-11
Worksheets  A12a (G) A12b (G A12c (G)  A12d (G)
Ginn Worksheet example - Considering evidence - feet
Odd one out - BBC Flash game
Health Ed - Taking responsibility for health - Physical health (PH-B1.1)
Collect information about themselves; organise by sorting into specific sets; display using pictures; interpret from displays by counting and counting - Info Handling - Maths
Developing ICT capability - Collecting & analysing - Database skills - Enter data into predefined database (CA-B3.2)