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This is the Target Group Menu for a group of targets from the Science Framework for Planning
Group 25  Heat transfer
This way for Group 26 - Energy Flow & Living Things

What is the difference between heat and temperature? How can heat energy be transferred in solids, liquids and gases? How does the energy from the Sun reach Earth if there is little or no solid, liquid?

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Energy & Forces   Properties & uses of energy

This way for development of target EF-D1.1

Distinguish between heat and temperature EF-D1.1

This way for development of target EF-E1.1

Describe the differences between the flow of heat by conduction and convection EF-E1.1

This way for development of target EF-E1.2

Give examples of everyday uses of good & poor conductors of heat EF-E1.2

This way for development of target EF-F1.1

Describe how energy is transferred by radiation EF-F1.1
Future Learning (progression) -   St. Physics: Health Physics, Energy Matters

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