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This is the Target Group Menu for a group of targets from the Science Framework for Planning
Group 10  Light & Sound
This way for Group 11 - Minibeasts

What are the characteristics of light and sound? How can we affect & detect what they do?

Science - Interactive Guidelines Curriculum for Excellence - draft outcomes
CfE (Life and Cells - Using my senses) (Level First) - SCN 113S - Through a range of activities I have explored my senses and can discuss their reliability.
CfE (Communications - Systems) (Level First) - SCN 114T - Using my knowledge of light, sound and my senses, I can demonstrate and evaluate simple methods of communication and comment on their limitations.
CfE (Communications - Light) (Level Second) - SCN 230U - I have investigated the properties of light, and can show how these can be used in a creative way.
CfE (Topical Science) (Level Second) - SCN 236BB - I can report and comment on a current scientific news item to develop my awareness of topical science.

Target Menu Environmental Studies - Science component - Attainment Target ES Target Code

Energy & Forces    Properties & Uses of Energy

This way for development of target EF-C1.1

Link light to shadow formation EF-C1.1

This way for development of target EF-C1.2

Give examples of light being reflected from surfaces EF-C1.2

This way for development of target EF-C1.3

Link sounds to sources of vibration EF-C1.3
Future Learning (progression) -   G24 Sound & Light

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