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Improving Science Education
Curriculum for Excellence
Reflection Guide

Although the current 5-14 curriculum will be with us for the immediate future, you can use the resources on the ISE website with Curriculum for Excellence in mind.

Use this short Reflection Guide to help you adapt resources in accordance with some of the principles and purposes of Curriculum for Excellence.

Progression       Curricular Areas      Making choices in learning      Learning and Teaching

In developing resource materials and courses it is important to take account of what children can achieve with appropriate pace and challenge. You will constantly be observing and judging progress using a broad range of approaches. You will also need to take stock through broad summative judgements when you believe that a child has a secure grasp of a significant body of learning. Have you considered the implications of this approach to progression for:

Planning?              Assessing?            Reporting?

Curricular Areas

It is intended that curriculum areas should provide the basis for learning and the development of skills across a broad range of contexts. They will offer opportunities for citizenship, sustainable development, enterprise, creativity and cultural aspects.

  • Will the resources you choose and develop adjust the current balance towards cross-curricular learning?
  • What are the implications for your future planning?
Making choices in learning
The proposed changes to the structure of the curriculum give us an opportunity to look differently at choices in learning at all stages. As with other aspects of the curriculum, different factors apply to choices at different stages.
  • What opportunities are there to introduce personalisation and choice into your classroom through the development of the resources you have chosen?
Learning and Teaching

A goal of the curriculum review is to give teachers more freedom to teach in innovative and creative ways.

  • In using and developing the resources you have chosen, will you take into account your current teaching styles and consider how they contribute to the development of the four capacities of A Curriculum for Excellence?
  • What changes to your teaching would lead to further development of the four capacities?




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