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Earth & Space - The Earth in space - Space & the Solar System - P7G18



A relay game for Space & the Solar System

The following sites may be useful for other lessons throughout this unit on the Solar System :-
Space Images Archive   Whoosh about the Planets   ScienceWeb - Earth, Sun & Moon
Newton's Apple - Hubble Telescope     Newton's Apple - Kids on Mars
Newton's Apple - Meteors     Newton's Apple - Solar Eclipse
University of Leicester - Guide to Space & Astronomy
NASA Starchild - Learning Centre for Young Astronomers
NASA Kids - The Solar System  
NASA Spacelink Lithograph Set  - Great poster-type info    Solar System Puzzle Kit - simple & useful activity pdf file for the planets  
NASA Multimedia Gallery

Eureka C4 13.5.97 The Universe and Us
Stage Two Science C4
29.10.01 Our Solar System and Us
Newton's Apple - Black Holes
Newton's Apple - Galaxy Mapping

Use of database (collecting/analysing - CA-D3.1 CD Rom or web search (searching/researching SR-D4.1) - ICT
Scottish Space Foundation

Spotlight Science - 15e
Starting Science - SO-11.3, GF-11.3

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