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Energy & Forces - Forces & their effects - Friction & Air Resistance - G16


ISE 5-14 Curriculum Support Materials                                                           Overview advice

Group 16 exemplar Energy & Forces  - Friction & Air Resistance (Word)

Ginn Year 1 - (P 97-100) Making Things Move
Ginn New Star Science Yr4 – Friction Tasks 3, 4
Key Stage Two Science BBC2 Spring / Summer 2002
Worksheet  C16 (G)

Engineering INTERACT - Excellent Friction - forms part of a Flash investigation called Parkworld Plot - see also module questions and applications (Make sure your speakers are ON!)

Friction - VTC - ICT investigation possibility

Reducing Friction Investigation - Teachers' Guide (pdf)   Student Journal (pdf)

Balloon holding a drinking glass (pdf file) - Physics on Stage experiment

Shipwreck Theme - SSERC Primary Newsletter 15

Friction investigation using a spreadsheet - Kent NGfL

BBC Science Clips - Friction
Curriculum relevance | Online lesson plan | Offline lesson plan | Worksheet | Activity |

BBC Science Clips - Forces in action
Curriculum relevance | Online lesson plan | Offline lesson plan | Worksheet | Activity |

Friction – Resisting movement - Teachers Helpsheet 4
Measuring Friction, Toy Cars - An investigation, Spring balances, Gravity (Pupil Worksheets) - North Lanarkshire Council (pdf files)

Applet animations - some more complex than others but all are fun :-

An experiment with friction - controlling braking distances of various vehicles under various conditions

braking reaction times
hanging mass and block sliding along a bench
inclined planes
wee M & Ms pushing blocks
another sliding block on an inclined plane
live the lowlife! - this is incredible - gravity, friction - the works!
yet another sliding block - click on "Start simulation" to go
Scottish Space Foundation

Starting Science - SO-12.1
Spotlight Science - 4b

Frisbee Physics Air Pressure
Windsurfing Hang Gliding
Waterskiing Gliders

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