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Living things & the processes of life - The processes of life - Plants & animals - G8


ISE 5-14 Curriculum Support Materials                                                           Overview advice

Group 8 exemplar Living things & the processes of life  - Animals (Word)
Group 8 exemplar Living things & the processes of life  - Plants (Word)

Growing plants under controlled conditions (PIPS Lightbank) - SSERC Interactive Primary Newsletter 32

Ginn Star Science - (Infants) Ourselves and other animals
Ginn New Star Science
Yr 1 – Ourselves Tasks 6, 7
Yr 2 Plants and Animals in the Local Environment Tasks 13-15
Stage One Science C4
  16.1.96 Starting Life  23.1.96 Growing

ISE 5-14 Resource Template  Plant Images (350K)

Worksheets  B20b (G) B20c (G)  B20d (G)
The Pond Activity Book - with examples
Where do butterflies come from?

Light of my life - VTC - ICT investigation possibility

BBC Science Clips - Plants and animals in the local environment
Curriculum relevance | Online lesson plan | Offline lesson plan | Worksheet | Activity | Quiz


Woodland habitat - topic from Linlithgow Primary, West Lothian (pdf file)

PIPS2_Living Things  
Butterflies at
Strathyre Primary School

1. Teachers' Planner
2. Butterfly Garden Plan
3. Butterfly Drama plan
4. Background to Butterfly Project
5. Rearing Butterflies
6. Information re: Butterflies
7. Butterfly Anatomy
8. Who Needs Nettles?
9. Information on Plants Suitable for Butterflies
10. List of Suitable Webpages

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